Gp’s Role in Covid Certification

Gp’s Role in Covid Certification

Dear Colleagues


We wish to advise that GPs have NO role in the issuing of documentation to patients in respect of the Digital Covid Certificate.


Any letter or email from GPs will NOT be valid as a Digital COVID Certificate.


Please see below information from Government in respect of the 4 types of Digital Covid Certificate – in particular please note that a helpline is being established for Certificate Based on Recovery (Positive Covid Test).


When you will get your Digital COVID Certificate

There are 4 types of Digital COVID Certificate:

Certificate based on vaccination

You can get this certificate if you have been vaccinated against COVID-19. If the HSE has a valid email address for you from the vaccination process – you will get your Digital COVID Certificate by email. Otherwise, you will get your certificate via post.

The Digital COVID Certificate will be in PDF format when emailed to you. You may download it to your phone, where the QR code on the PDF may be inspected or scanned.

These Digital COVID Certificates will be emailed or posted in the coming days.

Certificate based on recovery

A certificate of recovery will be available from 11 days after a positive test, and will be valid for no more than 180 days. You will be able to request this DCC via a helpline. Helpline details will be published shortly.

Certificate based on negative RT-PCR test

You can obtain a RT-PCR test privately and a Digital COVID Certificate will be provided by the private RT-PCR testing service.

Certificate based on negative antigen test

You can obtain an antigen test privately in Ireland and a DCC will be provided by the private testing service.

NOTE: A DCC based on an antigen test will not be accepted for entry to Ireland, but is acceptable in a number of other countries – find out more on the ReOpen EU website.

Kind regards,

Dr Denis McCauley
Chair, IMO GP Committee

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