Insurance Medicals

Insurance Medicals

Insurance companies often request that GPs perform medical assessments on their patients for the purpose of determining their risk profile for the proposed insurance policy.  This may take the form of a medical questionnaire for the GP to complete without the patient, or a questionnaire and examination to be performed with the patient.  In addition, the Insurance company can ask for tests to be performed.  These tests can include amongst others bloods to check your kidneys, liver, cholesterol, sugar levels, and for HIV infection.  If you have any concerns regarding the requirement of the medical or specific tests, you should query these with your broker or the insurance company before attending for your medical.

If you are attending for an examination you will be asked questions about your personal and family medical history. The doctor will perform an examination of your height, weight, blood pressure, lung function, chest, heart, abdomen, reflexes, eyes and ears. The examination will take between 20-30 minutes depending on the tests required.

These reports are confidential and only are issued on receipt of a signed consent form from the patient.

It is important to note that both the GP and patient  are obliged to answer the questions posed to them truthfully and without exception, as to miss anything could result in your insurance policy being declared invalid when you try to make a claim.

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